Level 2 Diploma Music Performance & Production



Phoenix Duncan:

Phoenix is a level 2 music student who has developed their music understanding throughout the course of the year. They compose, record, produce and perform and are looking to develop further, both in their performance and technical skills and would like to go onto the level 3 music course next year.

Rosie Slade:

Rosie is a level 2 student who composes, records, produces and performs. Her style this year has been influenced by folk and Rosie is looking to enhance her skills further and would like to progress onto level 3 music next year. Rosie Slade and Phoenix Duncan:

Toby Hodder

Toby is a level 2 music student who has developed his musicality throughout the course. He composes, records and produces as well as performs his compositions. Toby hopes to continue his studies at ESC on the level 3 music course with a focus on performance, songwriting and collaboration.

Reuben Frost

Reuben Frost is a level 2 music student who works with external musicians creating beats. He is familiar with the ambient rap genre and has demonstrated his creativity and techniques in the tracks you are about to hear. Reuben hopes to proceed onto the level 3 music course and learn more about mixing, mastering and […]

Ben Williams

Ben is a level 2 music student who plays guitar, sings, and composes. He has developed his technical skills this year and has bought into his projects his love of rock and grunge music.

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