Level 2 Diploma Music Performance & Production

Josh Mckenzie

A level 2 music student who has a strong music background within his heritage. Josh writes his own songs and raps to a high standard, however for his FMP he wanted to pay homage to his Dad who was in a band and who Josh, to this day, still listens to the music and explains […]

Ben Smith

A level 2 music student with a desire to work in a recording studio as a studio engineer. Ben’s technical understanding has developed and he has created three tracks which merge into one another, taking inspiration from ‘Dream Theatre’, a big influential band of Ben’s. We are taken on a journey throughout different elements in […]

Antonello Congiu

A level 2 music student, Antonello developed a real passion for jazz throughout the course and studied parts of this genre to create a funky vibe in his composition.

Caitlin Duncan

A level 2 music student who has a powerful and pure voice. This student created an instrumental and recorded her own vocal over a cover song called ‘Carry Me Home’ by Jorja Smith. You can hear in Caitlin’s voice the emotion being conveyed and she demonstrates a relaxed tone which is partly due to her […]

Romario Glasgow

A level 2 music student who has created a hip hop track with an inspirational message with the use of his clever and emotive lyrics he wrote himself. Ramario engaged in an authentic songwriting approach for this song, using many creative ways to enhance the development of his song.

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