Music Performance & Production Level 3 Extended Diploma Yr 2

Featuring projects created by our Year 2 level 3 Music Students during and after lockdown, along with selected highlights from the year.


Ozan is a student working in sound and music production. The final major project involved producing sound design, music and voice acting for moving image media for the genre of Japanese Anime. This includes working with fellow class mates to provide these skill sets. Future prospects include working as a music/sound engineer/producer or an artist/songwriter.

James Barrett

James Barrett has produced ‘Sounds for Solitude 2’ which is the second album following the original ‘Sounds for Solitude’ record, produced during his first FMP. The project sees him build and improve upon his song writing abilities, vocal performances and production skills. Inspiration for the project stems from different musical genres, such as the sounds […]

Oana Peptanaru

This project reveals the first time Oana Peptanaru has produced a stop motion animation piece as her final major project, where she has re-created a famous scene from the Frozen movie. Even though she’s been studying music, she felt more drawn to film, doing documentaries for the past couple years and now wishes to explore […]

Daniel Lloyd

An original trailer concept was conceived and executed for the films “Creed” and “Creed II”. Clips from the footage were chosen to highlight the narrative and edited together to create a unique approach when advertising towards and gaining interest from potential viewers. All audio was replaced, apart from the dialogue. Dan has displayed a range […]

Jonathan Brown

The project focused on recreating all audio using post production techniques to follow the footage of a horror game called Outlast. The process included recording original sound effects through foley techniques, ADR and using professional industry library sounds to accompany the entire video for an immersive experience. An example of this was downloading the sound […]

What students have said

The singing videos sent to me by Nick have helped me very much in learning how to sing with better breath control. Mark has also helped me by sending me interesting and experimental music.- Music Anon

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