Music Performance & Production Level 3 Extended Diploma Yr 2

Featuring projects created by our Year 2 level 3 Music Students during and after lockdown, along with selected highlights from the year.

Joel Carpenter

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Joel Carpenter has written and produced this four track EP for Neutral Ground Records. Recorded over three weeks this prog rock inspired EP recalls groups from the 1970s such as Soft Machine mixed with a modern edge. 

Josh Garner 

Metal guitar player and producer Josh Garner has written this track influenced by the story of Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, known to his friends as ‘Mad Jack.’ He was notorious for leading the Commandos across Europe, from Norway to Italy, to Yugoslavia, all the while armed with his longbow, bagpipes, and a Scottish broadsword. At […]

Peter Waterton

Sound engineer and record producer Peter Waterton brings Sunset, his two-track instrumental, to Neutral Ground Records. The tracks are influenced by Deep Sea Divers track Lights Out, The Amazons track In My Mind, and the work of Bartees Strange. Peter engineered and produced Sunset and also plays bass and synths on the tracks. Joel Carpenter plays drums and Josh […]

Jamie Barton

In the track OxyScars, record producer and vocalist Jamie Barton draws the listener into the mind of someone battling with depression by self-medicating with prescription drugs and alcohol. The video was shot over three days and shows the potentially tragic consequences of depression. 

Syd Fleet 

Allien Space Fight is the latest single from producer and drummer Syd Fleet that uses a range of production techniques working with synths and samples to create a journey through time and space. Influenced by a range of sources, Syd’s work has a nod to the band Public Service Broadcasting and uses the voice of […]

Callum Duncan

Sound designer Callum Duncan brings the track Overload to Neutral Ground Records.  This producer uses audio manipulation and melody structure to communicate an intentional theme of emotional contagion towards its audience.  It takes listeners on a journey that goes through a steady yet impactful experience. This track aims to express its personality of unique sounds and […]

What students have said

The singing videos sent to me by Nick have helped me very much in learning how to sing with better breath control. Mark has also helped me by sending me interesting and experimental music.- Music Anon

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