Music Performance & Production Level 3 Extended Diploma Yr 2

Featuring projects created by our Year 2 level 3 Music Students during and after lockdown, along with selected highlights from the year.



Ben Dedekind 

Sound engineer Ben has been working with a number of artists and musicians to create several well recorded pieces. Over the past two years Ben has gained valuable work experience with companies such as Autograph Sound which has had a great impact on his professional practice as an engineer. 

Monty Maddison 

Neutral Ground Records is proud to present Animator & Musician   Monty Madison who brings his brand of colour and music to this piece entitled Song. 

Tommy Keenan

Foley artist Tommy demonstrates his recording skills and sound placement in these two examples of sound design from his portfolio. Tommy uses sound from found objects and music software to create atmospheres and tension in these two contrasting pieces.

Jason Walker 

Electronica sound producer Jason Walker brings his sound manipulation techniques to Neutral Ground Records in this great piece entitled GoJo. The work is influenced by Boards of Canada and uses household items as sound sources to create this strange and mesmerizing track.

Charles Davidson 

Neutral Ground Records is proud to present record producer Collyfalse with an emotional set of songs written for music libraries to be used in film and video games. Beautifully produced and  played, the songs are bound to hit an emotional nerve.

Jess Garwood

Foley and sound-to-picture editor artist Jess Garwood demonstrates her talent in a number of pieces and has created a quality portfolio of work in this area. Jess is very meticulous in her research and application of skills, including creating sound effects by recording items such as trees, water, balloons and footsteps and mixing sound. 

Charles Danso 

Record producer and MC Nana Debrah brings his original afrobeat inspired track to Neutral Ground Records. Rebirth tells the personal story of the MCs journey and hopes.

Callum Card 

Record producer Callum Card works with themes to create emotional pieces of music. Callum used footage and stories from medics in the Second World War to inspire this emotional piece.

Ashton Kapita & Malik McDonald

Neutral Ground Records is proud to present MC Ashton Kapita who tells the story of black GIs serving in the Second World War creating a juxtaposition with his style of storytelling. The backing track is produced by Malik McDonald taking inspiration from UK Hip Hop and Grime. Feel the bass.

What students have said

The singing videos sent to me by Nick have helped me very much in learning how to sing with better breath control. Mark has also helped me by sending me interesting and experimental music.- Music Anon

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