Music Performance & Production Level 3 Diploma Yr 1

Featuring projects created by our Year 1 level 3 Music Students during and after lockdown, along with selected highlights from the year.



Connie Peters

Neutral Ground Records is proud of documentary maker Connie Peter and her documentary on Elvis Presley, which acts a solid introduction to the artist’s early life.


Excellent Metal guitar player and producer Josh Taylor is inspired by ‘70s, and ‘80s pop metal bands such as Motley Crew and ACDC and this can be heard in the track Tempest. 

Jared De Tarnowsky 

Record Producer Jared takes influence from the UK Grime scene and has used a number of interesting production techniques in this dark but compelling track Villain.

Hayden Ellis 

Inspired by the sound of Royal Blood, Welcome to the Cult is the latest track from producer and musician Hayden Ellis that is set to disturb your sleep and dreams. 

Seth Kellar 

Inspired by the work of Can and Amon Duul, musician and producer Seth Kellar creates psychedelic, hypnotic trance-like tracks for a new generation. 


Electronic and Jazz inspired artist Antonello creates the mellow vibe of summer in the wonderfully hypnotic, dream-like track Latch. 

Lacey Anderson 

Inspired by the work of Amy Winehouse, singer Lacey Anderson has a jazz inspired voice that will touch and move your soul in Sweet Memory. 

Sade Olutola 

Neutral Ground Records is proud to present Vontrelle with her EP Damsel in Distress.  Influenced by mellow vibes and current pop, the song Pride has a unique sound.

Jago Divance

Born in South London in ‘03, Divance swiftly moved to New Zealand before returning to the UK in ‘05. With the successful rollout of his first single Madam Mrs attracting critical praise and a publishing deal, Divance announced his debut EP, The 19th Euphoria.

What students have said

The singing videos sent to me by Nick have helped me very much in learning how to sing with better breath control. Mark has also helped me by sending me interesting and experimental music.- Music Anon

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