New Years Concert 2024

David Kogi

David is talented and skilled producer with a passion for crafting soulful R&B,Hiphop and afrobeat type beats and creating immersive musical experiences. His sound is a fusion of diverse influences that reflect his journey through music from producers icons like Timbaland, Dpat, Wondagurl and Kanye west , he brings a unique flair to his productions, […]

Korey Bernard

Korey Bernard is a 16 year old, music student. He plays piano, guitar and the bass guitar. Korey’s aim for next year is to carry on with music for level 3. He is a determined musician who seeks the best sounds in his work and is currently writing his own material.

Josh Smith

Josh is a rock music enthusiast and has self taught himself the bass guitar for more than a year. His greatest inspiration in music is the bassist from 5 seconds of summer Calum Hood. Josh has listened to 5 Seconds of Summer since their own name debut album in 2012. Although Josh isn’t a metal […]

Oscar Day

Oscar Day can play the guitar, produce on logic, and write some songs. He is hoping to improve his voice. He is very passionate about music and his biggest inspirations are Jeff Buckley, Black Country New Road, The smashing pumpkins, Prince , and Lana Del Rey. His goals for the future are hazy and vague […]

Sam Boyes

Samuel plays the drums, guitar, sings and plays piano. His Musical influences are a wide range, from artists like the Beatles, to My Chemical Romance, to My Bloody Valentine and a lot more which would make this way too long. His future aspirations is to have a job in anything music, whether creating music for […]

Kyle Holland

Kyle is influenced by heavy metal and is learning the fundamentals of becoming a heavy metal vocalist. He is also a keen songwriter and is learning music theory. His aim for this year is to pass level 2 music and go into level 3. Main influences include Bad Omens and Bring me the horizon and […]

Connie Peters

Looking into War Eyes is a piece created by documentary film maker Connie Peters using a semi-structed interview technique and photos. The film tells the story of her Great Nan Betty Peters’ experience of being evacuated from London during World War II. This insightful interview gives us an opportunity to go back in time.

Seth Kellar

A Rose Multi-instrumentalist and composer Seth Keller is inspired by the 1960s Greenwich Village Folk Scene. Working in collaboration with singer Oliva from Music Performance Year 1, Seth creates the atmosphere of those times.

Jared De Tarnowsky

Sirens Drum & Bass composer Jared De Tarnowsky has created this exciting audio-visual piece of work sampling the sound of World War II air raid sirens as a starting point. The work develops well with the use of found footage and interesting sounds delivered at a fast pace.

Josh Taylor

The Crash Excellent Metal guitar player and producer Josh Taylor is inspired by ‘70s and ‘80s pop metal bands such as Motley Crew and ACDC. Using a guitar technique called hammering along with the use of a whammy bar, Josh interprets the sound of planes crashing during World War II matching his guitar playing to […]

Rueben Frost

Reuben frost is a music producer from Surrey, England. He mostly produces Underground Rap beats however he can also make EDM, Drum ‘n’ Bass and more. In the future he hopes to be doing music production as a career and working with all his favourite artists, he is already getting close to this. Rascal is […]

Olivia Raymond

Olivia is a performer and producer in her first year of the Level 3 diploma, Making quite slow acoustic pop music she plans to release her music onto Spotify and play gigs and meet new people this year. As a producer Olivia recently worked with new band ‘Forever Nowhere’ and recorded one of their songs […]

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