Annabel Butterfield

The Minds Lost At War, created by Annabel Butterfield, is a sound installation that represents the mental suffering endured by soldiers of the First World War, something that was little understood and managed at the time. The stimulus for this idea is the trauma and mental illnesses that were a consequence of WWI, including Tinnitus, Shell Shock and the noises heard within the trenches during battle. Annabel has been offered a place at Point Blank Music School to study Music Production.


3 Responses to "Annabel Butterfield"

  1. what an emotional piece i found it very moving . a great piece of work . good luck and have fun on your next adventure

  2. Annabel, you’re so talented with what you create and this is another wonderful piece, well done. All the best to you in your future, I’m sure you will go onto do great things.

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