Phoebe Munday

Phoebe Munday is a singer songwriter who has been composing and performing songs since 2017. Her haunting voice and understated delivery style draw you in and leave you wanting more. Her work explores a range of haunting production and compositional skills through themes that are explored lyrically.



You Still Breathing

Please Call Me Please

4 Responses to "Phoebe Munday"

  1. 3:11 – a beautifully crafted, haunting and mysterious voice and sound. This song shows your voice off so well and the arrangement is inspired.
    You Still Breathing – an emotional song, really thought provoking. Your natural vibrato is present in this song, it’s lovely to hear.
    Please Call Me Please – nice, rhythmic beat and great lyrics.

    Well done Phoebe, you’re a true singer songwriter and I am so sure you will go far. Keep believing and your performance work was really improving. All the best to you and I hope to hear of you performing at your own gigs!

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