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Billie Marshall

Billie’s work looks at the important relationship between us and our animals in these times of stress and disconnection. “Pets are just as important as family and I wanted to show the interaction with them and how they are being treated during lockdown.”

Rachel Painter

Rachel’s work explores the world during lockdown in the Coronavirus pandemic of this year. Her images show the emptiness but also the litle details of what has now become our everyday experience, while also showing how we connect and keep our spirits up through the difficulties. “I wanted to show what it was like outside […]

Ellie Smith

Domestic plain tones, permanent blemishes sit, this is a pub space.  Finding interest in these small details no one focuses in on is a unique subject matter. Looking at the everlasting markings inside a typical pub brings comfort within the interior. 

Annabelle Wakelin

These are my final photos from the “Space” project that i completed in December 2019. I wanted to explore the space of my own home, in an abstract way. Focusing on capturing light and shadows. This project allowed me to be creative and experiment with my surroundings

Matthew Jones

Progressing on to UAL level 3 diploma Photgraphy next year. Matthew took these photo’s around his home during the lockdown. He enjoys landscape photography and explored this by taking photographs of the views he could see from his house, and when out excercising, as well as using close-up photographs around his home.

Millie Spain

Millie will be progressing on to the UAL Level 3 Diploma in Photography next year. The reason why I have chosen these pictures is because they are the ones that I have been working on and are my favourite pictures. The pictures show lots of different things ,they all have different meanings but some represent […]

Mia Jones

The concept of my project was to express and promote the idea of being yourself through photography Mia’s photography was produced for her ‘Identity’ project. She produced a portfolio of photgraphs and a short video exploring the idea of. identity using images of her friends. Mia is progressing into. employment next year and seeking an […]

Chelsea Hall

These images are taken of my twin sister Sam, as part of my final major project. In the photographs, Sam is perching comfortably on the window ledge. Her sincere expression and relaxed posture are accentuated by soft, window lighting. Through Sam’s gentle gaze at the camera, the portraits reflect onto the intimate relationship between the […]

Lauren Thomas

Adult & Community Learning Photography Workshops

Farid Siddiqui

Adult & Community Learning Photography Workshops

James Ford

James has worked on a range of projects this year including specialist techniques in light-painting, fashion and advertising photography. His recent work is designed to raise awareness on mental health through photography in public spaces. Over the course of the year James has been refining his technical and visual narrative skills, working mainly in the […]

Macy Beddow

Macy has worked on a range of projects this year including specialist techniques, street and fashion photography. Over the last two years the strong signature and body of work continues to focus on narratives exploring 1980’s fashion in urban social-settings. Macy has also produced a a self-made book through street photography, investigating well-being in society […]

Jade Alexander

Jade’s Personal Narrative Project explored the space of the home. “I decided to document human presence throughout my house. This demonstrates lots of emotions such as emptiness and loneliness. The atmosphere that has been created in my photos is very real. My aim is to make these images relatable to many different people.”

Kate Bannister

Kate’s Personal Narrative in lockdown focused on the visitors in her back garden. “Animals are individual too, I wanted to show this by photographing the robins that frequently visit my garden. My images show the robins going about their daily life, mainly collecting food for themselves and their young which grew up and became more […]

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer’s project focused on the details of observation during the time of quarantine in March – June 2020. “My aim for these images was to show the emptiness that has been caused by the lock down and also the textures of small things that may have gone unnoticed.”

Nathalie Haydon

This set of images formed part of my Wellbeing collaborative project which was one of my favourite briefs this year.  I chose to explore the sense of wellbeing I got from taking portraits of my mum.  I hadn’t done much studio work before and enjoyed exploring it this year.

Sylwia Kucharska

These images were produced for the ‘Motivational lighting’ project. I love experimenting with articial light, as it is something I have had and interest for a while. During this project I had the opportunity to challenge myself and explore how a variety of light sources effect the subject of a photograph.

Kirsten Biela

These images are from a series based on the poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, by John Keats. The series is about the transience of life and nature around us, as we watch stuck inside our homes. The poem is one about suffering, but there is one stanza full of beautiful imagery which serves as a […]

Berry Jato

Berry Jato’s Final Major Project took the theme of Personal Narrative to work explores Cameroonian Culture and Family. Her aim with the project is to explore and examine her family’s culture and heritage through photography. Berry’s other work during the course explored themes of identity and body image. In her Ways of Seeing Project, Beery […]

Tom Porter

Personal Narrative Project 2020 “Capturing my family, through my lens, has always been something I’ve wanted to do. In this project, I want to show how different we all are. Our mental health conditions, and our physical. However, those differences never divide us from what we are. A family.”

Elena Kendall

Elena has worked on a range of projects this year including specialist black & white 35mm photography and darkroom processing techniques. Her main interests have developed over the two years in architectural and street photography. Elena plans to develop her work further into a book and photo-sculpture during the summer from home. Progressing onto: Open […]

Adam Brooks

Adult & Community Learning Photography Workshops

Rick Starczewski

Adult & Community Learning Photography Workshops

Amy Dunbar

“That Orange English Light”These images were produced as the final images from the advanced art practice project.  Amy is progressing on to the BA top up at East Surrey College

Noelle Vaughn

I researched a lot of theory and symbolism surrounding stairs for this assignment, but with the main objective of presenting them as the one crucial space; the space that links all other spaces. 

Caitlin Dalgetty

These are the final four images from my ‘Motivational Lighting’ project I completed in April. I did a lot of research into how different photographers use natural and artificial light in their photography, it allowed me to experiment in a range of shoots in and out the studio. By researching a range of photographers, I […]

Kudak Chiketa

Kudak has worked on a range of projects this year including social documentary, specialist techniques, and fashion photography. Over the last two years the strong signature and body of work continues to focus on narratives exploring ‘style’ in relation to ‘status’. Digital Portfolio:

Imogen Fraser

During this project I explored the aspect of ‘The People Code’ and used the four colour groups to represent each personality. I used gels to combine the colours together within my photos to form a colour flow suggesting a change in personality. The idea of ‘The People code’ is to define someone’s personality and put […]