Ronnie Patrick-Carter

Ronnie will be progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year

My FMP is a short cyber horror movie about the dark web: A group of young teenagers think it is a good idea to surf the dark web without any prior experience or external knowledge of it. The group is very naive and do not bother to protect themselves online so they fall victim to a group of online criminals who are determined to teach them a lesson, throughout the short film the teenagers go missing one by one or are killed in gory ways on camera they are then sent messages about how their friends died or photos of them / phots of their friends houses before they had been killed or taken.

They are traced though their computers and messaged on their personal social medias to show that you should always stay safe online and not give your location to anybody and most importantly make your accounts private to strangers or random users.

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  1. Ronnie – that was so well acted by you and your friends. Great and important message during these strange times – loved the visual effects too. Well done!

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