Max Tinson

Max wrote, created and produced his film. In the narrative he is interested in the impact of lockdown on mental health and concerns a boy suffering from a split personality disorder, brought on by imposed restraints.





Max Tinson

Max Tinson

Max Tinson

4 Responses to "Max Tinson"

  1. I really enjoyed seeing the split personalities and how they got worse as the days of lockdown went by! the cloning was really smart and well done !

  2. This idea was really interesting and you did it very well, however Split Personality Disorder is actually called Dissociative Identity Disorder, and it is actually caused by severe trauma in the childhood occurring before the age of 10. Doing research on the disorder could have really helped you to develop the idea further, if you want to do research a YouTube channel by the name of DissociaDID is a great place to start! 🙂

  3. This was exceptional Max, I really enjoyed the theme and the story. Great acting as well, I’d like to see how your character is getting on now, seeing as lockdown has eased, what’s he like outside in the new-normal? Great work here, I look forward to seeing more pieces from you.

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