Magdalena Kowalska

Magdalena will be progressing on to UAL level 3 diploma Film next year.

I produced my Final major Project during lockdown. I wanted to get people’s views on social media as I know that there are a lot of aspects of social media that people have different outlooks on, such as meeting new people online whether that be friendship or relationship, and so I wanted to vocalise some of those views. Lockdown has also made social media more of a everyday necessity for those who usually would not care much for it and I wanted that to be shown in some type of way. Lastly I initially planned for the project to showcase views on social media between the younger and older generation, however I quickly realised that it was more about peoples maturity towards social media rather than their age when it comes to their views.  

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  1. Some interesting questions and responses here – like the format with interviewer / interviewee side by side – nice choice of background music. Well done

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