Macy Ella Kay

Something Out of Nothing

Drama, Trailer

A man with a secret. What happened in the past?






Macy Ella Kay

Macy Ella Kay

Macy Ella Kay

Macy Ella Kay

6 Responses to "Macy Ella Kay"

  1. OK, so now I need to see the actual film please! Wow, what a gripping trailer, it made me jump from the very beginning and the mirror part – scary! The timing of the music was on point and the scenes moved so effortlessly; you’ve really done a great job here Macy, well done. You have a knack of creating intrigue and mystery and your choice of music is always so fitting. Wishing you the very best in your future.

  2. Such a gripping trailer! Left me wanting more and to watch the whole film. The sound effects and editing created a sense and suspense atmosphere which was amazing, and the use of the actor and editing of his actions and movements were super!

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