Luke Bradburn

The Strangest Exoplanets

Astronomy / Science Documentary

Luke’s film is an intriguing journey into space featuring some of the most strange and unique planets out there!




Luke Bradburn

Luke Bradburn

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  1. Luke, another exquisite piece of film. This really captivated me and you have worked on the timing of the phrases so they can be read and absorbed, well done! I really like how the scenes intertwine into one another and it is all so effortless. The music chosen was mesmerising and I felt lost in space, just wondering around; quite tranquil really. Then when it changes, it provides a different mood but still engaging. I learn something every time I watch one of your films, how an exoplanet can have a temperature of 439 degrees, i’ll never know! And most of these were found in the last 15 years or so, fascinating. I really hope you continue to do more as you have a wonderful gift and your tenacity is remarkable. All the very best for your future Luke.

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