Louis McCubbin

Louis will be progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year

My short film is known as Marnie, a short horror film, the story follows a teenage girl known as Marnie whom has recently lost her mother, which caused the young girl to suffer from issues such as anxiety and depression, and has stopped going to school. One day, Marnie plays the music box she was given from her mother before she had passed away, which causes an entity to stalk her.

The character of Marnie is played by Hollie Mankelow, 17 years old and a friend of mine. The music box entity is played by Jennifer Hoong who is 14 years old and is a student at Saint Bede’s School.

I play the role of director, producer, as well as cinematographer, but in my short film I play the role of Marnie’s friend, whom had called her on the phone. What made me come up with this idea was the concept of loss and the feelings of repression, wanting to repress the feelings of loss and emotion, but also a story about acceptance and learning to accept an aspect about yourself which you dislike. 



Hollie Mankelow - Marnie
Jennifer Hoong - The Music Box
Louis McCubbin - Marnie's Friend

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