Callum Duncan

Callum is progressing to the UAL level 3 diploma in Sound and Music next year.

Callum had this to say about his short film:

The short film has no true story, more acts a new thing i wanted to create. This style of film i made, is aimed purely for the audiences sight, as well as helping them relax by showcasing the sights and captured moments shown in the short film. As well as this, i also wanted to use gentle music in the background as a support to this aim, helping the audience both see and hear scenes and audio to help them chill out whilst viewing.

The main idea was to show the aspect of everyday life, with slight exaggeration to reality. As showing in the clip with it taking place in a not-so-busy car park, and the shopping centre itself, i wanted to show that massive locations and specific areas for a scene are necessary to make a film be watchable, rather relying on the familiarity of what is happening and the location itself helping the audience feel a sense of comfort and recognition.

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