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David Akov

David is progressingg on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year David short thriller “Lucid” is filmed mostly from a first-person viewpoint and follows the strange experiences of the viewer aafter they have explored an abandoned aylum.

Callum Duncan

Callum is progressing to the UAL level 3 diploma in Sound and Music next year. Callum had this to say about his short film: The short film has no true story, more acts a new thing i wanted to create. This style of film i made, is aimed purely for the audiences sight, as well […]

Kaitlin Ashby

Kaitlin is progressing to UAL Level 3 diploma film next year Kaitlin has produced this short film during lockdown inspired by the song “Exploration” from the film Coraline She filmed the footage on her daily excercise walks and edited it at home using free software.

Ronnie Patrick-Carter

Ronnie will be progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year My FMP is a short cyber horror movie about the dark web: A group of young teenagers think it is a good idea to surf the dark web without any prior experience or external knowledge of it. The group is […]

Tom Stopher

Gyroscope Experimental / Music Video Tom’s film is an experimental exploration into realities and the differences in perception, filmed during lockdown in March – June 2020.

Louis McCubbin

Louis will be progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year My short film is known as Marnie, a short horror film, the story follows a teenage girl known as Marnie whom has recently lost her mother, which caused the young girl to suffer from issues such as anxiety and depression, […]

Magdalena Kowalska

Magdalena will be progressing on to UAL level 3 diploma Film next year. I produced my Final major Project during lockdown. I wanted to get people’s views on social media as I know that there are a lot of aspects of social media that people have different outlooks on, such as meeting new people online whether that […]

Savvik Opikovs

Mt Saint Michael + St Michaels Mount Savvik’s project is an experimental music video for the song by Aphex Twin – Mt Saint Michael + St Michaels Mount. It consists of only macro shots and fast cuts with the use of layering effects using Adobe Premiere.

Zoe Brown

Alina A psychological thriller / horror about a girl who feels abandoned and cut off from the outside world due to her agoraphobia. NOTE: This cut of the film is without the final music soundtrack. Final cut of the film with full soundtrack will be hopefully posted in a couple of days. Thank you!

Harry Tasker

The Infallible Captain B Harry’s film is a short action animated short about a superhero trying to save a city from an invasion. However, things don’t quite go to plan…

Liam Conroy

Joyride Experimental / Music Video Man drives car

Mollie Carse

Day in the life of someone in lockdown….Covid groundhog day 

Ella Miskin

Ella’s short documentary focusses on the way the musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’, has had an impact on so many people. It looks at how this small town story has changed the lives of ordinary people and includes interviews with fans and the director

Honeylyn Constantino

Honeylyn wrote, created and produced her film. In the narrative she explores the impact of lockdown on family life, changing dynamics and bringing people closer together. 

David Brice

David wrote, created and produced his film. The narrative, set in 2022, concerns a man remembering his past and telling his story of it.

Unique Samuel

Unique’s production is created and based upon a poem she has written. This is a very personal interpretation of the ‘changed’ theme, through the use of the spoken word and visuals.

Luke Bradburn

The Strangest Exoplanets Astronomy / Science Documentary Luke’s film is an intriguing journey into space featuring some of the most strange and unique planets out there!

Charles Robinson

Legacy Drama / supernatural short film pilot Charles’ film is about a former clan scout telling dealing with his failure as a clan leader by self-isolating himself within his own home after a clan war broke out within the pack. Now, a year later, something from the pack’s past is calling this former scout back […]

Macy Ella Kay

Something Out of Nothing Drama, Trailer A man with a secret. What happened in the past?

Max Tinson

Max wrote, created and produced his film. In the narrative he is interested in the impact of lockdown on mental health and concerns a boy suffering from a split personality disorder, brought on by imposed restraints.

Tony Martin

Tony wrote, created and produced this film. It tells the story of a boy who suffers from mental health problems and alcohol issues, brought on by his social isolation.

Cameron Salanti

Cameron has expertly edited together films and games, related to the WW2 era, to create a trailer that pays homage to some of the world’s great film directors.

Joshua Bambridge

Joshua wrote, created and produced his film. He skilfully uses post production, visuals and audio, editing effects to portray an exploration into the feeling of loneliness and isolation via film.

Nicky Green

Nicky created and produced his documentary. The film is told through the perspective of his family and concerns itself with how music can both reflect the attitudes of the times, and shape a generation.

Theo Harrison

Theo created, edited and starred in a take on “Gogglebox” where he portrays a variety of different people, displaying the different types of people in the UK, what we get up to and the TV we’ve enjoyed watching during the lockdown

Rohan Mayo

Rohan created and produced this video using Google Sketch up to show the transformation and the changes that were made to create more space in his bedroom

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