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Zak’s FMP follows the story of two Americans holidaying in England. A short comedy film. Actors include peers from the 2nd year film class.

Riley Fuller

Riley’s work is a 2D animation with my characters going on this big chase for a minute and a half. All credits – Riley Fuller

Unique Samuel

This is a trailer to Uniques FMP. It is based on people applying for a job, however displaying different attitudes within the candidates.

Ronnie-Patrick Stephens

Ronnie’s documentary is based on events in 2020 that effected the way we live today. The case studies include Australian bush fires, Black Lives Matter/ George Floyd protests, the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as interviews with friends and family about how they were personally effected by 2020.

Luca Lauga-Brown

Luca’s film is an animation based on a scenario where you think someone is following you in your dream. A distorted reality to what we are in. 

Max Tinson

Max’s FMP is based on the series Game of Thrones. Max takes you on a journey down the history of the most famous characters.

Morgan Smart

Morgan’s project is to show pure skill and personality of the team, showcasing what they get up to on a daily basis for the viewer to really get a look inside Proven Culture (A Parkour sports team). Morgan focused on getting out as much footage as he could. This includes trips to Brighton and Guildford. […]

Jamie Carter

Jamie’s video is a way of him showing people ‘the way he see’s the world’. Every shot he’s ever taken has been thought of possibly years in advance. Song: Willie Nelson- “Are You Sure?”

Michael Ormandy

A documentary on America after World War II.

Nathanael Beadle

Nathanael’s FMP is a short film that follows a boy’s walk through nature, come and see what he discovers.

Louis McCubbin

Louis’s story is about a modern-day male witch, known as Morgan, who accidentally creates an entity which looks identical too him, thus needing to find a way to expunge this entity. 

Leonardo Fox

Leo’s film is about an innocent man who gets dragged to an unfamiliar situation. Yet the captor may not be as intimidating as believed. A story of crime, song and murder. You must learn to survive. 

Dan Melnick

Dan’s FMP is based on clones. He cleverly uses editing skills to create the same character twice.

I’Santi Roumou

I’santi chose to base his short film with no dialogue around the easing of lockdown and how unaffected the majority managed to come across even after the moment they declared a new variant coming into the picture.

Adam English

Adam created a slideshow of photos he had taken of his peers, by combining their faces together and editing the photos.

Charles Debrah Danso

Charles created his own piece of music production. The Genre is Afropop, which is something Charles is passionate about.

Dylan Turtell

Dylan’s FMP film is based on 3 different type of cars, doing different challenges to compare the outcome and most suited car. Top Gear fans would enjoy this type of content.

Cameron Salanti

Cameron’s film is a mental health awareness short film which shows how people who seem so happy and upbeat struggle with their own mental thoughts. A great short film to display how anybody around you may be struggling.

Ella Miskin

Ella’s film is based on the emotion ‘happiness’. The film is based in Brighton, where you follow 4 ladies around town having fun. Camera – Ella Miskin Editing – Ella Miskin Sound – McFly

Jacqueline Lock

Jacquelines film is about how people use music to express their emotions. This movie is personal to her.  

Billy Angel

Billy’s film is about how disconnecting from emotions is a detrimental way to deal with intense and difficult emotions. It is based on his own personal experiences. 

Kaitlin Ashby

Kaitlin’s film is her own interpretation of paranoia and how it can change a person. It is based off Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. 

Harvey Smith

Harvey’s film is based on nostalgia of an older man, as you see the stages of a boy who loves football grow old growing through the generations. 

David Akov

David created a foley project for his FMP and attempted to get every motion of the animation in sync with the sound. David had to go to use a variety of tools and equipment that would make the same sound as the on screen visuals.