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Jo Fenwick, Director of Learning at Reigate School of Art.

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Rohan, this was really interesting to watch and I enjoyed the choice of music as well, gave the film a funky flow. Well done.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Rohan Mayo

Nicky, I love this. I had a smile all throughout the first part as it reminded me of my Nan and how she spoke, so thank you for that, very special and emotional. I enjoyed this whole piece and thought it worked really well with the voiceovers and the films you selected. Really well done, something different and interesting.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Nicky Green

Well Josh, I actually turned away at the opening of the door part wondering what or who was going to jump out! You had me on the edge of my seat, nicely done and you should be proud of this work. Well done you.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Joshua Bambridge

Wow Cameron, a very dramatic piece of work here, well done. I really enjoyed seeing all of those films clips as one.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Cameron Salanti

This was very insightful Tony, and I thought you captured a sensitive and serious topic very well, from a young boy's viewpoint. Great work.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Tony Martin

This was exceptional Max, I really enjoyed the theme and the story. Great acting as well, I'd like to see how your character is getting on now, seeing as lockdown has eased, what's he like outside in the new-normal? Great work here, I look forward to seeing more pieces from you.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Max Tinson

This was so good Honeylyn! Your little bro is a great child actor, hats off t him! What a beautifully created film and very well put together. Well done, I really enjoyed it.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Honeylyn Constantino

Theo. I literally couldn't stop laughing at times and I watched this right to the very end. I didn't realise acting was one of your strengths! Well done, this truly is great work and I could have been watching it on TV. More exciting things to come from you I think. You should be very proud.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Theo Harrison

What fantastic work these students have achieved. I have been following Beth Gough's work since she left school and am so impressed with what she has achieved. Well done!

From: Suzanne King
Commented on: HND Art & Design – Theatrical, Media and Special Effects Make-Up

A lovely concept and beautiful photos.

From: Geoff Trotman
Commented on: Imogen Fraser

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