I am very proud to welcome you to our Virtual End of Year Exhibition 2020.

Please do interact where you can, leave comments, email us feedback

It is a wonderful labyrinth of delightful creativity that I hope you will enjoy taking the time to explore.

Jo Fenwick, Director of Learning at Reigate School of Art.

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What fantastic work these students have achieved. I have been following Beth Gough's work since she left school and am so impressed with what she has achieved. Well done!

From: Suzanne King
Commented on: HND Art & Design – Theatrical, Media and Special Effects Make-Up

A lovely concept and beautiful photos.

From: Geoff Trotman
Commented on: Imogen Fraser

Excellent photography well done Op

From: Catherine
Commented on: Kate Bannister

Hello David, just messaging to say thank you for a great year and all the help you have provided me, it has been a big highlight in my education and its sad to see it end.

From: Jacob Oldridge
Commented on: Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma

Honestly so sad it’s all over now!! It was the best year and we all achieved so much, thank you to all the amazing tutors and technicians you made it very special for all of us!

From: Beatrice Harper
Commented on: Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma

So sad our time was cut short but thank you everybody (incl. tutors and techs) for making these 3 years the best years!! I’m thankful for all of the great tutors and techs that have guided us all this time and helped us all achieve so much. I’m so sad it’s over so soon.

From: Emily Jones
Commented on: Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma

Everyone did so amazing, it’s just a shame we couldn’t have all exhibited together in person but it’s been so great getting to know everyone, especially our tutors and technicians because we all couldn’t have done it without you guys. I hope we can all stay in touch because I’m excited to see what everyone does!

From: Isabella Hamlin
Commented on: Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma

Hi David, the show was amazing so much great work!!! I just want to say thank you for all of the support you have given me in my short year of being at Reigate school of art!! I have achieved much more then I ever thought I would and you have pushed me further than any tutor I have had before and helped me make some amazing creations!! I am so sad that I am leaving because I felt like I had finally found some form of education that I really enjoyed and progressed at and found tutors that finally understood my work and what I wanted to achieve!!! I hope you have the best summer and manage to relax after this crazy few months and I’m sure I will pop in to see you next year!

From: Beatrice Harper
Commented on: Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma

Wow, this was emotionally powerful, and I loved the sunrise scenes, so elegantly portrayed and captured. What a wonderful piece of work David, this was really moving, well done to you.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: David Brice

This is epic Unique, really thought provoking and imaginative. Well done.

From: Natalie Young-Wootton
Commented on: Unique Samuel

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