Higher National Diploma Art & Design – Photography Yr 1

The HND Photography course offers the opportunity to study photography within a broad range of practical, creative and academic contexts, through a variety of assignments.  The course is taught by lecturers with both academic qualifications and industry experience.

The course is delivered within contemporary photographic practice, which reflects the ever-changing marketplace. Students are supported and encouraged to develop their own creative style.  Students will acquire key practical skills, e.g. lighting both on location and in the studio, high-end digital capture, processing, and final image submission.  Critical theory and professional development are taught in order to provide the academic and commercial tools you will need in order to compete within the photographic industry.

Once you have completed the Higher National Diploma you can progress on to our new BA top-up course.

Ellie Smith

Domestic plain tones, permanent blemishes sit, this is a pub space.  Finding interest in these small details no one focuses in on is a unique subject matter. Looking at the everlasting markings inside a typical pub brings comfort within the interior. 

Annabelle Wakelin

These are my final photos from the “Space” project that i completed in December 2019. I wanted to explore the space of my own home, in an abstract way. Focusing on capturing light and shadows. This project allowed me to be creative and experiment with my surroundings

Sylwia Kucharska

These images were produced for the ‘Motivational lighting’ project. I love experimenting with articial light, as it is something I have had and interest for a while. During this project I had the opportunity to challenge myself and explore how a variety of light sources effect the subject of a photograph.

Kirsten Biela

These images are from a series based on the poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, by John Keats. The series is about the transience of life and nature around us, as we watch stuck inside our homes. The poem is one about suffering, but there is one stanza full of beautiful imagery which serves as a […]

Caitlin Dalgetty

These are the final four images from my ‘Motivational Lighting’ project I completed in April. I did a lot of research into how different photographers use natural and artificial light in their photography, it allowed me to experiment in a range of shoots in and out the studio. By researching a range of photographers, I […]

Noelle Vaughn

I researched a lot of theory and symbolism surrounding stairs for this assignment, but with the main objective of presenting them as the one crucial space; the space that links all other spaces. 

What students have said

Thank you for the amazing support network from the college from Tom and Maisie. At times I have struggled in lockdown, which I shared with my class so we could support each other.-Noelle Vaughn

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  1. This first year has wizzed past! It has been delightful to see the work as it has been produced this year, such high standards, very exciting to follow your journey! Well done to all and I hope you enjoy your next steps!

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