Higher National Diploma Art & Design – Photography Yr 2

The HND Photography course offers the opportunity to study photography within a broad range of practical, creative and academic contexts, through a variety of assignments.  The course is taught by lecturers with both academic qualifications and industry experience.

The course is delivered within contemporary photographic practice, which reflects the ever-changing marketplace. Students are supported and encouraged to develop their own creative style.  Students will acquire key practical skills, e.g. lighting both on location and in the studio, high end digital capture, processing and final image submission.  Critical theory and professional development are taught in order to provide the academic and commercial tools you will need in order to compete within the photographic industry.

Once you have completed the Higher National Diploma you can progress on to our new BA top up course.

More work from the HND Year 2 from the Unit Applied Practice – Collaborative Project here: www.areyouokay.co.uk

Chelsea Hall

These images are taken of my twin sister Sam, as part of my final major project. In the photographs, Sam is perching comfortably on the window ledge. Her sincere expression and relaxed posture are accentuated by soft, window lighting. Through Sam’s gentle gaze at the camera, the portraits reflect onto the intimate relationship between the […]

Nathalie Haydon

This set of images formed part of my Wellbeing collaborative project which was one of my favourite briefs this year.  I chose to explore the sense of wellbeing I got from taking portraits of my mum.  I hadn’t done much studio work before and enjoyed exploring it this year.

Amy Dunbar

“That Orange English Light”These images were produced as the final images from the advanced art practice project.  Amy is progressing on to the BA top up at East Surrey College

Imogen Fraser

During this project I explored the aspect of ‘The People Code’ and used the four colour groups to represent each personality. I used gels to combine the colours together within my photos to form a colour flow suggesting a change in personality. The idea of ‘The People code’ is to define someone’s personality and put […]

What students have said

Thank you for the amazing support network from the college from Tom and Maisie. At times I have struggled in lockdown, which I shared with my class.-Noelle Vaughn

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