Music Performance & Production Level 3 Diploma Yr 1

Featuring projects created by our Year 1 level 3 Music Students during lockdown, along with selected highlights from the year.

Chester Mason

Engineer Chester Manson researched, designed, and built this guitar amp from scratch for his final major project. This amazing piece of work was completed during lockdown, using components bought on the internet. A tremendous amount of skill is demonstrated, including working with circuit boards, soldering, and placing the amp into a suitcase for design. This […]

Dan Lloyd

Song for Trailer is composed by sound designer Dan Lloyd using a range of production techniques, inspired by the Steve McQueen directed film Hunger. Dan started composing songs in 2019 and has developed an interest in music for film, along with sound design. The track was written and produced at home whilst in lockdown. Dan […]

James Barrett

James Barrett, working under the name of Jamdbar, produces electronica and hip hop and delivers his unique new tracks to Neutral Ground. Using sound manipulation and sampling techniques, the track Awake takes the sound of his computer turning on as its starting point. Song VER 2 draws influences from the greats of electronica, Boards Of […]

John Brown

Neutral Ground Records is proud to present this scene from a psychological horror. The work is a lockdown collaboration between the brother and sister team Zoe and John Brown, who are both studying at The Reigate School of Art in Film and Music respectively. John is a sound designer and has produced the sound for […]

Louie Newman

Musician and audio visual artist Louie Newman has created a fly on the wall documentary about the band Through Your Eyes whilst in lockdown. The work gives fans of the band an insight into their recording process. Louie used pre-recorded and newly filmed footage to create this great piece on the band that features the […]

Jack Wall

Mind of Emotion by Jack Wall. Produced during lockdown, Mind Of Emotion is based on research into anxiety and depression and their causes. Audiovisual artist Jack Wall explores a range of emotions in this piece. He has used a range of sound manipulation techniques and found footage to create the piece, which we hope will […]

Oana Peptanaru

Video director and sound designer Oana Peptanaru was commissioned by Redhill Baptist Church to produce a welcome video outlining the work that the Church does. Filmed in February of this year with voiceover work and editing done in lockdown, the video demonstrates this highly skilled student working to a brief. Oana demonstrates a range of […]

Courtney Martin

Working in lockdown Courtney has created two pieces of work, the first being an animated music video. The artist interprets the lyric from the song Let Me Take Y’all Way Back by Rome G whilst playing the video games Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto and turns this into a music video. To achieve this the […]


Neutral Ground Records is proud to present the work of rock guitarist, songwriter and producer Ozan. Taking influence from Japanese animation and British heavy rock, the work Grim Reaper was produced during lockdown and involved learning and using new software and a range of guitar techniques.

Kwasi Frempong Manso

Music documentary maker Kwasi brings two great documentaries to Neutral Ground Records. The first piece was produced in the second term and looks at the Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti who has been described as one of Africa’s most challenging and charismatic music performers, as well as a human rights activist. The second piece was produced […]

Jed Millard

Jed Millard is a sound designer who works with themes and brings the sound of anxiety to Neutral Ground Records. Trying to convey the sound to an audience is difficult but the work creates a sense of uneasiness, of being worried and on edge.

What students have said

The singing videos sent to me by Nick have helped me very much in learning how to sing with better breath control. Mark has also helped me by sending me interesting and experimental music.- Music Anon

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