Photography Level 3 Diploma Yr 1

Welcome to Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology – Photography!

The course is designed to enable students to build essential knowledge and skills so that they can progress to higher level study and employment. Across the year students work on a series of challenging projects which allow them to explore different aspects of photography and become familiar with professional practice.

This year the students in Year 1 have worked on a number of different projects, culminating in their final major project – Personal Narrative. This final project was completed during lockdown. Working with restrictions and limited resources, they have nevertheless produced a range of thoughtful and reflective work.

Billie Marshall

Billie’s work looks at the important relationship between us and our animals in these times of stress and disconnection. “Pets are just as important as family and I wanted to show the interaction with them and how they are being treated during lockdown.”

Rachel Painter

Rachel’s work explores the world during lockdown in the Coronavirus pandemic of this year. Her images show the emptiness but also the litle details of what has now become our everyday experience, while also showing how we connect and keep our spirits up through the difficulties. “I wanted to show what it was like outside […]

Jade Alexander

Jade’s Personal Narrative Project explored the space of the home. “I decided to document human presence throughout my house. This demonstrates lots of emotions such as emptiness and loneliness. The atmosphere that has been created in my photos is very real. My aim is to make these images relatable to many different people.”

Kate Bannister

Kate’s Personal Narrative in lockdown focused on the visitors in her back garden. “Animals are individual too, I wanted to show this by photographing the robins that frequently visit my garden. My images show the robins going about their daily life, mainly collecting food for themselves and their young which grew up and became more […]

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer’s project focused on the details of observation during the time of quarantine in March – June 2020. “My aim for these images was to show the emptiness that has been caused by the lock down and also the textures of small things that may have gone unnoticed.”

Berry Jato

Berry Jato’s Final Major Project took the theme of Personal Narrative to work explores Cameroonian Culture and Family. Her aim with the project is to explore and examine her family’s culture and heritage through photography. Berry’s other work during the course explored themes of identity and body image. In her Ways of Seeing Project, Beery […]

Tom Porter

Personal Narrative Project 2020 “Capturing my family, through my lens, has always been something I’ve wanted to do. In this project, I want to show how different we all are. Our mental health conditions, and our physical. However, those differences never divide us from what we are. A family.”

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