Film, TV and Media Production Level 3 Extended Diploma Yr 2

There has been great achievement in 2020. Many of our Year 2 had started to work on ideas for their Final Major Projects after half term in Term 2, when we had the news that colleges would have to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, even in lockdown, many of the students continued with their ideas, some having to change and adapt their original concepts to create a final film. The challenges they faces forced them to be resourceful and inventive. The results are a very interesting and engaging set of films – Enjoy!

Tom Stopher

Gyroscope Experimental / Music Video Tom’s film is an experimental exploration into realities and the differences in perception, filmed during lockdown in March – June 2020.

Savvik Opikovs

Mt Saint Michael + St Michaels Mount Savvik’s project is an experimental music video for the song by Aphex Twin – Mt Saint Michael + St Michaels Mount. It consists of only macro shots and fast cuts with the use of layering effects using Adobe Premiere.

Zoe Brown

Alina A psychological thriller / horror about a girl who feels abandoned and cut off from the outside world due to her agoraphobia. NOTE: This cut of the film is without the final music soundtrack. Final cut of the film with full soundtrack will be hopefully posted in a couple of days. Thank you!

Harry Tasker

The Infallible Captain B Harry’s film is a short action animated short about a superhero trying to save a city from an invasion. However, things don’t quite go to plan…

Liam Conroy

Joyride Experimental / Music Video Man drives car

Mollie Carse

Day in the life of someone in lockdown….Covid groundhog day 

Luke Bradburn

The Strangest Exoplanets Astronomy / Science Documentary Luke’s film is an intriguing journey into space featuring some of the most strange and unique planets out there!

Charles Robinson

Legacy Drama / supernatural short film pilot Charles’ film is about a former clan scout telling dealing with his failure as a clan leader by self-isolating himself within his own home after a clan war broke out within the pack. Now, a year later, something from the pack’s past is calling this former scout back […]

Macy Ella Kay

Something Out of Nothing Drama, Trailer A man with a secret. What happened in the past?

What students have said

Having college every week has helped me a huge amount during this lockdown, as it helps give a sense of time passing and things moving, and stops every day being exactly the same, which could lead to us feel trapped in a loop. Talking to teachers and classmates on Teams has helped me feel far less isolated in shielding and has helped me to be motivated to do things with my time instead of letting myself get too overwhelmed by the situation. My teachers have offered a lot of support with one-to-ones and checking in on me and my fellow classmates to make sure we're not only on track but to also make sure that we are okay overall.-Zoe Brown

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