Film, TV and Media Production Level 3 Diploma Yr 1

Film making is a creative and collaborative endeavour.

In these times of lockdown students have had to be their own technicians, actors and problem solvers.

Congratulations to all of them!

Ella Miskin

Ella’s short documentary focusses on the way the musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’, has had an impact on so many people. It looks at how this small town story has changed the lives of ordinary people and includes interviews with fans and the director

Honeylyn Constantino

Honeylyn wrote, created and produced her film. In the narrative she explores the impact of lockdown on family life, changing dynamics and bringing people closer together. 

David Brice

David wrote, created and produced his film. The narrative, set in 2022, concerns a man remembering his past and telling his story of it.

Unique Samuel

Unique’s production is created and based upon a poem she has written. This is a very personal interpretation of the ‘changed’ theme, through the use of the spoken word and visuals.

Max Tinson

Max wrote, created and produced his film. In the narrative he is interested in the impact of lockdown on mental health and concerns a boy suffering from a split personality disorder, brought on by imposed restraints.

Tony Martin

Tony wrote, created and produced this film. It tells the story of a boy who suffers from mental health problems and alcohol issues, brought on by his social isolation.

Cameron Salanti

Cameron has expertly edited together films and games, related to the WW2 era, to create a trailer that pays homage to some of the world’s great film directors.

Joshua Bambridge

Joshua wrote, created and produced his film. He skilfully uses post production, visuals and audio, editing effects to portray an exploration into the feeling of loneliness and isolation via film.

Nicky Green

Nicky created and produced his documentary. The film is told through the perspective of his family and concerns itself with how music can both reflect the attitudes of the times, and shape a generation.

Theo Harrison

Theo created, edited and starred in a take on “Gogglebox” where he portrays a variety of different people, displaying the different types of people in the UK, what we get up to and the TV we’ve enjoyed watching during the lockdown

Rohan Mayo

Rohan created and produced this video using Google Sketch up to show the transformation and the changes that were made to create more space in his bedroom

Thank you note

We couldn’t run this course without our brilliant LSAs Mark Chaddock, Sara Hopley and Natalie Wootton-Young. James Baker, our technician, no. 1 problem solver and Gabby Rodrigues, our inspirational curriculum administrator! Thank you all for your support and dedication!

What students have said

Ella Miskin (Level 3 Film Yr1) Working from home has been a challenge but it's been really great being able to speak to my tutor and classmates via Microsoft Teams, I have had all the correct equipment and the support from my tutor has been brilliant. I feel that I have produced a good FMP even under the circumstances.

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