Creative Media Production & Technology Level 2 Diploma

The level 2 Diploma in Creative media production at Reigate School of Art gives students the chance to try out a wide range of media production skills. from differentareas. This make the course a great introduction for students who don’t yet know which area they want to specialise in, or who haven’t had the chance to study any arts subjects at school

On completing the level 2 diploma most students will have decided the area they want to pursue and will progress on to one of our level 3 diplomas in that area.

This year students have been working both before and during lockdown and have produced work which shows that range, producing Films, Games and Photography and have been very creative in how they have got around the limitations of being in Lockdown.

I hope you enjoy it.

Aleksandra Georgieva

Aleksandra is progressing on to the UAL evel 3 diploma in Games Design next year. For her game here, she used Blender to model and texture her character and rigged and animated the model with Mixamo.Aleksandra then created an environment in Unity which the character can explore in a third person view.

Cameron Watkin

Cameron is progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Games design next year. Cameron used Unity to create this prototype first person shooter, building the environment inside unity using Pro-Builder. He has focused mainly on the mechanics side of game development and has produced a game with interactive objects in the environment that […]

David Akov

David is progressingg on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year David short thriller “Lucid” is filmed mostly from a first-person viewpoint and follows the strange experiences of the viewer aafter they have explored an abandoned aylum.

Lewis Phillips

Lewis is progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Games design next year. Lewis has produced an early Alpha build of his game “ErR0A” This low-poly survival game is set in a decaying desert and the player character is an abandoned robot expolring the environment. Lewis modelled the character and all of the […]

Callum Duncan

Callum is progressing to the UAL level 3 diploma in Sound and Music next year. Callum had this to say about his short film: The short film has no true story, more acts a new thing i wanted to create. This style of film i made, is aimed purely for the audiences sight, as well […]

Kaitlin Ashby

Kaitlin is progressing to UAL Level 3 diploma film next year Kaitlin has produced this short film during lockdown inspired by the song “Exploration” from the film Coraline She filmed the footage on her daily excercise walks and edited it at home using free software.

Ronnie Patrick-Carter

Ronnie will be progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year My FMP is a short cyber horror movie about the dark web: A group of young teenagers think it is a good idea to surf the dark web without any prior experience or external knowledge of it. The group is […]

Louis McCubbin

Louis will be progressing on to the UAL level 3 diploma in Film next year My short film is known as Marnie, a short horror film, the story follows a teenage girl known as Marnie whom has recently lost her mother, which caused the young girl to suffer from issues such as anxiety and depression, […]

Magdalena Kowalska

Magdalena will be progressing on to UAL level 3 diploma Film next year. I produced my Final major Project during lockdown. I wanted to get people’s views on social media as I know that there are a lot of aspects of social media that people have different outlooks on, such as meeting new people online whether that […]

Matthew Jones

Progressing on to UAL level 3 diploma Photgraphy next year. Matthew took these photo’s around his home during the lockdown. He enjoys landscape photography and explored this by taking photographs of the views he could see from his house, and when out excercising, as well as using close-up photographs around his home.

Millie Spain

Millie will be progressing on to the UAL Level 3 Diploma in Photography next year. The reason why I have chosen these pictures is because they are the ones that I have been working on and are my favourite pictures. The pictures show lots of different things ,they all have different meanings but some represent […]

Mia Jones

The concept of my project was to express and promote the idea of being yourself through photography Mia’s photography was produced for her ‘Identity’ project. She produced a portfolio of photgraphs and a short video exploring the idea of. identity using images of her friends. Mia is progressing into. employment next year and seeking an […]

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