Oana Peptanaru

This project reveals the first time Oana Peptanaru has produced a stop motion animation piece as her final major project, where she has re-created a famous scene from the Frozen movie. Even though she’s been studying music, she felt more drawn to film, doing documentaries for the past couple years and now wishes to explore a different area of filmmaking that will add up to her skills set. For this project to be achieved, a physical set was created with props, grass, pumpkins, dolls, and leaves. This would involve animating the character, and doing the voice-acting and singing for the main character. She collaborated with one of her classmates to voice another character.

Using the passion displayed in this project, Oana is planning to further study Film Production at UCA from September this year. Aspirations include looking to work in the film industry as a filmmaker, film producer or director on TV shows, with feature length films, short films, and animations.

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