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Elina Longmate

Spring time and summer is best to take photos in my opinion, because it’s when the weather starts getting better and getting darker later, then i have more time during the evening to go out on a shoot if I want to go out. It’s also when the trees and flowers start blooming again, it […]

Kate Bannister

When the Water Wakes is a wildlife photography project. I photographed water birds at some lakes near where I live and was able to photograph the birds and their habitat in a non-intrusive way.

Sophie Daniels

Sophie used her photography skills to create photos which incorporated with a theme and edited the photos.

Rachel Western

A series of documentary images that portray the stress of working from home during a pandemic to show the effects covid 19 has had on people’s work life.

Michael Gosling

Night Drive 21:30, M23 near Westerham, Kent I am fascinated by low light photography and shot these light trails on a bridge over part of the M23 with two-way traffic, a good vanishing point and good light.

Larissa Watson

Blurring boundary lines

Matthew Jones

These FMP photos were chosen because I want to take photos of landscape as I find the genre landscape the most enjoyable and interesting. With the images all I really did was turn the saturation as when I went to take my photos it was rain and dull so I thought to just add a […]

Joshua McMillan

A series of photos shot for the ‘Personal Narrative’ FMP project. Depicts subject on location shoot photos and taking in the landscapes around me.

Chloe Palmer

Chloe’s photos are a collection of documentary photos that helps explore different emotions between each of the subjects that are shown. Taken at both Addington Park and Bexhill Sea Front.

Billie Marshall

‘Jax meets world’ is a whole series of images of ‘Jax’ in different locations, just being a dog.