Oscar Cleeter

Robot Ninja

This student has created a wide range of robotic inspired assets for a future game project. He has started from concept using digital drawing tools to create some fantastic drawings taking these into blender to make some awesome 3D models! Oscar is looking to develop these assets further with animation and skinning. He has a few words to say about his time at East Surrey College:

“Before I started my journey to the industry of games id draw character constantly, from all sorts of media fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, medieval, the idea was id create these ideas for games. and after a few years of working I decided to go back to education to make these dreams into reality, and why I still design my characters I’ve learned better ways to develop my characters and a new design platform 3D. now I go further to university. I’m inspired by a lot that’s all around me. from old children toys like Bionicle to today’s next level games such as fallout, my two favorite projects I have used both these to inspire my work and produced work that I have continued even though the project’s finish I continue to make constantly making improvements and breaking my limits, and with this industry it’s limitless” – Oscar Cleeter

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