Games Design Level 3 Extended Diploma Yr 2

Welcome to Games Design Level 3 Year 2!

Thank you for visiting the website today! I hope you enjoy the wide range of work produced by our students this year.

What students have said

I found working remotely has increased my productivity a lot especially being able to do the work on my own computer. I also lost a bit of motivation after the FMP got canceled but I realised It gave me a chance to work on my portfolio and having the goal to produce some work for the exhibition has really helped.-Jack Treadwell
Working remotely has been an interesting experience over the past few months as it has allowed me to focus on areas of my work which needed the most development. Overall I found that the quality of my practical work has increased as I devoted the most amount of time to this area and I am now able to feel proud of the work I produce as it is not solely reliant upon tutorials or help from others. As well as this, I also feel that I have become more confident using the Blender software as I have had more practice during the lock-down period and I am therefore able to use new tools and techniques which I was previously unaware of.

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  1. I am so impressed by the diversity of skills on display here -really well done to all of you – you have been a really star group this year!

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