Games Design Level 3 Diploma Yr 1

Welcome to Games Design Level 3 Year 1!

Thank you for visiting the website today! I hope you enjoy the wide range of work produced by our students this year.

Tobi Adefidiya

This student specializes in character development and has created a good range of different character types. He has added environments that match the characters and started from concept. He has managed to produce some excellent character models with full animation.

Paige Budd

This student has been working a variety of different styles, playing with 2D sprites and 3D environments. Here you see the outcome of two seperate projects she has completed, an excellent 2D sprite project with animated spritesheets for 2 characters and the design and production of a 3D hallway space with assets.

Ben Burfoot

This student has created a wide range of assets throughout his journey in Games Design. The first two assets are of a dog that has been inspired by the likes of scooby doo whilst the further two images show a white box environment of an office space.

Ben Williams

This student is showcasing a range of 3D assets he has developed for his white box environment project. He has played with using lights and simple shapes to create a fantastic temple scene.

Jack Treadwell

This student has produced a wide range of high quality assets and scenes using 3D modelling. He has played with lighting, animation, physics and fluid emulation to create some fantastic scenes. He has been redeveloping his old assets during the lockdown and has managed to update them to high definition.

Crystal Wilkinson

This student has produced a 3D mini game that lets the player explore her custom designed 3D environment. Each of the assets produced for this project are custom made including the animation of the bunny rabbit. The overall project is a fantastic representation of her own back garden.

Josh Waters

This student has been inspired by classic halloween themes and films such as Hocus Pocus to create some gloomy yet colourful scenes that you would typically find in a bewitched setting. He has produced a small demo of his project where the player can explore and is working on developing this into a full fledged […]

Joseph Emmerson

This student is heavily inspired by cyber themes and was inspired to create this fully rigged and animated robotic crawler. He has practiced with creating a small environment for the player to explore for testing whilst also playing with advanced navigation meshes.

Rhiannon Sadler

This student has created a range of different assets from 2D to 3D following a great pipe lined process. She has started from conceptual design and worked her way up to produce some fantastic animated sprites. She is inspired by games such as the classic Super Mario and has chosen a vivid and bright selection […]

Marouf Ali

This student has practiced using blender to create some 3D assets and a race course. They are experimenting with the toy car format for a future 3D racing game.

What students have said

I found working remotely has increased my productivity a lot especially being able to do the work on my own computer. I also lost a bit of motivation after the FMP got canceled but I realised It gave me a chance to work on my portfolio and having the goal to produce some work for the exhibition has really helped.-Jack Treadwell
Working remotely has been an interesting experience over the past few months as it has allowed me to focus on areas of my work which needed the most development. Overall I found that the quality of my practical work has increased as I devoted the most amount of time to this area and I am now able to feel proud of the work I produce as it is not solely reliant upon tutorials or help from others. As well as this, I also feel that I have become more confident using the Blender software as I have had more practice during the lock-down period and I am therefore able to use new tools and techniques which I was previously unaware of.

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