Film, TV and Media Production Level 3 Extended Diploma Yr 2

There has been great achievement in 2021. Many of our Year 2 had started to work on ideas for their Final Major Projects in Term 2, when we had the news that colleges would have to close again due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, even in lockdown, many of the students continued with their ideas, some having to change and adapt their original concepts to create a final film. The challenges they faces forced them to be resourceful and inventive. The results are a very interesting and engaging set of films – Enjoy!


Zak’s FMP follows the story of two Americans holidaying in England. A short comedy film. Actors include peers from the 2nd year film class.

Unique Samuel

This is a trailer to Uniques FMP. It is based on people applying for a job, however displaying different attitudes within the candidates.

Nathanael Beadle

Nathanael’s FMP is a short film that follows a boy’s walk through nature, come and see what he discovers.

Max Tinson

Max’s FMP is based on the series Game of Thrones. Max takes you on a journey down the history of the most famous characters.

Ella Miskin

Ella’s film is based on the emotion ‘happiness’. The film is based in Brighton, where you follow 4 ladies around town having fun. Camera – Ella Miskin Editing – Ella Miskin Sound – McFly

Cameron Salanti

Cameron’s film is a mental health awareness short film which shows how people who seem so happy and upbeat struggle with their own mental thoughts. A great short film to display how anybody around you may be struggling.

Dan Melnick

Dan’s FMP is based on clones. He cleverly uses editing skills to create the same character twice.

What students have said

Having college every week has helped me a huge amount during this lockdown, as it helps give a sense of time passing and things moving, and stops every day being exactly the same, which could lead to us feel trapped in a loop. Talking to teachers and classmates on Teams has helped me feel far less isolated in shielding and has helped me to be motivated to do things with my time instead of letting myself get too overwhelmed by the situation. My teachers have offered a lot of support with one-to-ones and checking in on me and my fellow classmates to make sure we're not only on track but to also make sure that we are okay overall.-Zoe Brown

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  1. I am so impressed with the work that I have seen here and your progress across the last 2 years – all good wishes for your next steps.

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