Creative Media Production & Technology Level 2 Diploma

The level 2 Diploma in Creative media production at Reigate School of Art gives students the chance to try out a wide range of media production skills. from differentareas. This make the course a great introduction for students who don’t yet know which area they want to specialise in, or who haven’t had the chance to study any arts subjects at school

On completing the level 2 diploma most students will have decided the area they want to pursue and will progress on to one of our level 3 diplomas in that area.

This year students have been working both during and after lockdown and have produced work which shows that range, producing Films, Games and Photography and have been very creative in how they have got around the limitations imposed by Covid restrictions.

I hope you enjoy it.

Riley Fuller

Riley’s work is a 2D animation with my characters going on this big chase for a minute and a half. All credits – Riley Fuller

Priaysha Chhaganlal (Nikki)

Nikki created an Interior model and had produced a mood board portfolio.

Sophie Daniels

Sophie used her photography skills to create photos which incorporated with a theme and edited the photos.

Michael Ormandy

A documentary on America after World War II.

Jamie Carter

Jamie’s video is a way of him showing people ‘the way he see’s the world’. Every shot he’s ever taken has been thought of possibly years in advance. Song: Willie Nelson- “Are You Sure?”

Morgan Smart

Morgan’s project is to show pure skill and personality of the team, showcasing what they get up to on a daily basis for the viewer to really get a look inside Proven Culture (A Parkour sports team). Morgan focused on getting out as much footage as he could. This includes trips to Brighton and Guildford. […]

I’Santi Roumou

I’santi chose to base his short film with no dialogue around the easing of lockdown and how unaffected the majority managed to come across even after the moment they declared a new variant coming into the picture.

Adam English

Adam created a slideshow of photos he had taken of his peers, by combining their faces together and editing the photos.

Charles Debrah Danso

Charles created his own piece of music production. The Genre is Afropop, which is something Charles is passionate about.

Dylan Turtell

Dylan’s FMP film is based on 3 different type of cars, doing different challenges to compare the outcome and most suited car. Top Gear fans would enjoy this type of content.

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