Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma

The UAL Foundation Diploma Art & Design Level 4  at Reigate School of Art, is a pivotal qualification, which has provided a transition from general education to specialist art and design education. This has enabled students to make an informed decision when applying to Higher Education or seeking employment within a related industry.

The students have discovered what it means to self-challenge, to be self-critical, to be highly ambitious, and to take risks with their work. The greatest value of this course, for them, has been to recognise they can accomplish a monumental level of achievement and self-confidence when they take responsibility for their own learning and follow their own intentions. And alongside that this year, considering the challenges of the COVID-19 Virus and the Lockdown, they have produced some truly remarkable, beautiful and unique design and artwork.

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What students have said

I think that working remotely in Quarantine has taken a large communal part of the course away, which could have restricted the way that our projects have developed. However, all of the support and information we have needed has been there through the use of Microsoft teams, and it has also led to more creative thinking in terms of what the projects have entailed, and how it will be represented/received, so all I all, it has gone pretty well, by which I mean we could all be in a much worse position than we currently are.-Aedan Price
"Working at home during lockdown has definitely been a positive experience for me and has made me a much better artist (although the circumstances are a bit unfortunate)! I haven’t had the distraction of my peers and I haven’t been late for college once in 3 months which is a record! All humour aside, I have definitely improved in my skills by just having hours and hours of practicing different techniques and trying new ideas that maybe I wouldn’t have tried otherwise! I have also been finding inspiration from unusual things that I wouldn’t usually notice and creating the most random models just for fun. I have also received lots of support from my amazing tutors which has kept me motivated and has stopped me from staying in bed all day!-Bea Harper

10 Responses to "Art & Design Level 4 Foundation Diploma"

  1. God created Art, Art is Life. To witch we create despite the consequences we may live upon. To empower African people everywhere. With the frankenstines i have produced, i highly regard them and the experience of ones journey of Art to foreshadow and represent ones identity, personality and character. Thank the lord almighty that we are blessed with health and strength, Amen! – Miss Romellie Zionani

  2. Really spectacular work here everyone – has been a delight to see the work all displayed here. I wish you all well going forward into whatever your next steps are. Really be proud, outstanding work

  3. I’m so glad that we still got to do an exhibition. I thoroughly enjoyed producing my final major project. It’s sad that our foundation year got cut short but I’m glad that i got to see my fellow classmates stunning work via this virtual exhibition. A massive thank you to all of the tutors, they have supported me and my work for the 3 years i have been at this college.

  4. I am so sad our time was cut short but I am so thankful to all of the tutors during the course of my 3 years!! They’ve helped and guided us all and I’m glad that we were able to showcase our final project successfully!! Everyone did incredible and produced stunning work!! I hope everyone is successful wherever they go next 🙂

  5. Disturbing, evocative, fascinating- everything art should be. Good luck to all!

  6. Hi David, the show was amazing so much great work!!! I just want to say thank you for all of the support you have given me in my short year of being at Reigate school of art!! I have achieved much more then I ever thought I would and you have pushed me further than any tutor I have had before and helped me make some amazing creations!! I am so sad that I am leaving because I felt like I had finally found some form of education that I really enjoyed and progressed at and found tutors that finally understood my work and what I wanted to achieve!!! I hope you have the best summer and manage to relax after this crazy few months and I’m sure I will pop in to see you next year!

  7. Everyone did so amazing, it’s just a shame we couldn’t have all exhibited together in person but it’s been so great getting to know everyone, especially our tutors and technicians because we all couldn’t have done it without you guys. I hope we can all stay in touch because I’m excited to see what everyone does!

  8. So sad our time was cut short but thank you everybody (incl. tutors and techs) for making these 3 years the best years!! I’m thankful for all of the great tutors and techs that have guided us all this time and helped us all achieve so much. I’m so sad it’s over so soon.

  9. Honestly so sad it’s all over now!! It was the best year and we all achieved so much, thank you to all the amazing tutors and technicians you made it very special for all of us!

  10. Hello David, just messaging to say thank you for a great year and all the help you have provided me, it has been a big highlight in my education and its sad to see it end.

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