Spotlights is the work of audio visual composer Rebecca Howard in this piece entitled Spot lights she explores the relationship between amateur and professional dancers.

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Teide brings her track Sunset to Neutral Ground. Guitar in hand, she will be hitting a venue near you soon.

The laid back vibe of JJ Cale and Jonathan Wilson influence the talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Wilkinson in this great Track Lost At Sea featuring Phoebe Monday.


With her emotive voice and sense of melody, singer-songwriter Samantha Faye brings the track Take Me Or Leave Me to Neutral Ground Records. Sam, who is relatively new to song writing and has only been playing guitar for a year, has produced a nice slice of classic song writing, guided by the production skills of Dan McNally.


Take Me Or Leave Me

The Heist is the concept EP by producer / songwriter Phoebe Munday, brought to you through Neutral Ground. Her haunting voice and understated delivery style draw you in and leave you wanting more, as events in the Heist unfold. Prepare to be arrested.

Neutral Ground is proud to present Dangerous World, the debut 3-song EP of songwriter / producer / artist Lucas. Mixing traditional instruments with technology and a voice to melt your soul, he delivers his emotional pop music supported by live performances. Be drawn into his world.

Dangerous World

My Dear

Ocean Blue & Paranoid

The Perspectives convey the sound of driving down from LA to Mexico in 1969 with the sound of the Doors. Surrey’s finest are delivering their debut release on Neutral Ground with supporting gigs.  Take a ride and tune in.

Shola Mullon brings her post punk sound to Neutral Ground Records with the Songs Ivory Snow and Fake. Taking inspiration from Sonic Youth, P J Harvey and the Slits, Shola started writing songs three years ago with roots in punk. She takes a DIY ethic to her work, playing most of the instruments, recording and creating the video concepts, whilst song writing in collaboration with guitar players Charlie Bachelor and Callum Millar.  Let the spirt of self-expression rage on.

Ivory Snow



Neutral Ground Records is proud to present singer- songwriter Angel with her emotionally engaging song, L.O.V. E. Working at the label, Angel developed her sound, song writing and recording skills and is now starting to perform live.